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Started a SmugMug

I started a smugmug account recently because I liked the way the site is organized. Going to be using that site to host most of my images now.

WekFest 2011 and Japan Relief Gathering

WekFest was not too bad this year. We showed up a bit late so we were stuck outside but it ended up being really nice. After going inside a few times and not being able to walk through with out knocking in to a few people I was really glad we were outside. I brought up the RHD MK3 this year. I didn’t win anything but it did get a decent amount of attention.

Last week there was a local meet in San Fransisco, CA where all the money went to Japan for the earthquake and tsunami relief.

Here are a few pics form the events more can be found at my SmugMug.

MK3 finished!

Finally got all the kinks worked out of this thing. Just need to get a tune for this car this week. I will try and do a full write up on this amazing daily driver when I have some time.


I took this picture with my phone and it came out half decent.

RHD MK3 With 2JZ

I been working on this Supra for the last year and a half but we recently finally made an effort to finished it. I am glad to say today we fired it up and it seems to be running well. The owner of this car has put up so much money in this car most people would have probably bout a MK4 supra. Some of the key features we have done with this car is a 2JZ-GTE with a 74mm turbo. We also have a wide set of HRE wheels giving the car a wide but flush look. Right hand drive is a bit different around here as well. Look for more info and pictures of this car soon.

A friend of mine wanted me to snap a few quick pics of his car for Titan Motorsports so I did.

Sac Raceway

Been a while since I posted pics. Going through and putting stuff up today.

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SJ Bike Party 6-18-2010

So Friday was the San Jose Bike party. The starting point was the parking lot belonging to Phil Wood and Shorty Fatz. Both companies had open houses for those who were interested. There was also a trick compilation as well but I did not have a chance to see it.

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