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Sac Raceway

Been a while since I posted pics. Going through and putting stuff up today.



WekFest 2010 02-28-10

I went to WekFest last weekend. Ran on 36 hours of no sleep that day. Pretty insane how much work had to be done to get a few days there. But I guess it was all worth it in the end. The even was not too bad over all. I was judging the Toyota class and was pretty impressed by a few cars. I do wish that next year there be a larger range of them but I guess we will have to see. When we got to the Supra class I was disappointed that only 1/2 of them showed up because of many last minute things that came up. But on the bright side the ones that were there were nice cars and nothing stock. Because I was busy with judging my friend Lawrence took most pictures for me. Here are a few pics I liked.

More pics from SYR 2009

I went through again and picked out more pics. Enjoy!



Slide Your Ride 2009

Thanks Rick for throwing down another bad ass event! So some how the night before I was going to leave for Buttonwillow people that were going to go with me ended up flaking. I ended up just leaving by myself at like 4:30…

Good morning.

Is this an AE86 event?


Ziptied All Star Bash – Summer 2009 Streets of Willow DRIFTING! Set 2


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Ziptied All Star Bash – Summer 2009 Streets of Willow DRIFTING! Set 1

Went to ASB on Saturday on a spur of the moment plan. Overall very awesome as always. Heat was very reasonable unlike the other year I was there. Cars that were there were bad ass. I didn’t stay too long but I still managed to take way too many pic.

First pics is a pic of Matt Field’s car before he left for ASB. Looks bad ass! Hope it survives this weekend. I went down with Serei, Herb, and Herb’s GF. The morning set of car pics were taken by serei while everyone was sleeping still.

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BOS 2009 Pics

Overall this meet/show wasn’t too bad. I think it was too long though for the lack of foot traffic. I guess at least my friends won stuff in the end made up for the bads.

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