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MK3 finished!

Finally got all the kinks worked out of this thing. Just need to get a tune for this car this week. I will try and do a full write up on this amazing daily driver when I have some time.


I took this picture with my phone and it came out half decent.


RHD MK3 With 2JZ

I been working on this Supra for the last year and a half but we recently finally made an effort to finished it. I am glad to say today we fired it up and it seems to be running well. The owner of this car has put up so much money in this car most people would have probably bout a MK4 supra. Some of the key features we have done with this car is a 2JZ-GTE with a 74mm turbo. We also have a wide set of HRE wheels giving the car a wide but flush look. Right hand drive is a bit different around here as well. Look for more info and pictures of this car soon.

A friend of mine wanted me to snap a few quick pics of his car for Titan Motorsports so I did.

Widebody Balloon White Supra

My buddy Vince just got his car back from to body shop! The widebody was done up using part of Do-Luck rear fenders and VIS replica Ridox front fenders. It was painted Lamborghini Balloon White! All I have to say is that this color has to be seen in person! My eyes hurt just looking at it in the sun light. Wheels are custom DPE’s finished off with a matte black face and gloss black lip. This car is not done yet but should been soon enough so look out for a follow up post for this car.

Bad ass MK4 supra – Barney

Barney is a on going project. For the past few months this car was only known to a few people, but after WekFest it has been officially been released. For it’s first showing it won “Best Engineered” and 3rd place “Best Engine Bay”

WekFest 2010 02-28-10

I went to WekFest last weekend. Ran on 36 hours of no sleep that day. Pretty insane how much work had to be done to get a few days there. But I guess it was all worth it in the end. The even was not too bad over all. I was judging the Toyota class and was pretty impressed by a few cars. I do wish that next year there be a larger range of them but I guess we will have to see. When we got to the Supra class I was disappointed that only 1/2 of them showed up because of many last minute things that came up. But on the bright side the ones that were there were nice cars and nothing stock. Because I was busy with judging my friend Lawrence took most pictures for me. Here are a few pics I liked.

Cruising around

Here are some pics I took a few days ago when a group of us were making a few stops.