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WekFest 2011 and Japan Relief Gathering

WekFest was not too bad this year. We showed up a bit late so we were stuck outside but it ended up being really nice. After going inside a few times and not being able to walk through with out knocking in to a few people I was really glad we were outside. I brought up the RHD MK3 this year. I didn’t win anything but it did get a decent amount of attention.

Last week there was a local meet in San Fransisco, CA where all the money went to Japan for the earthquake and tsunami relief.

Here are a few pics form the events more can be found at my SmugMug.


WekFest 2010 02-28-10

I went to WekFest last weekend. Ran on 36 hours of no sleep that day. Pretty insane how much work had to be done to get a few days there. But I guess it was all worth it in the end. The even was not too bad over all. I was judging the Toyota class and was pretty impressed by a few cars. I do wish that next year there be a larger range of them but I guess we will have to see. When we got to the Supra class I was disappointed that only 1/2 of them showed up because of many last minute things that came up. But on the bright side the ones that were there were nice cars and nothing stock. Because I was busy with judging my friend Lawrence took most pictures for me. Here are a few pics I liked.

Supra Treasure Island Meet 2009


Summer San Jose Supra Meat IV 2009

I would like to thank Garret for throwing another BOMB ass meet! Good amount of cars showed. I would have loved to see more MK3’s since there are usually quite a few but this year they were lacking. Maybe I have to build another one….
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